Happy Birthday USA

The U.S. turns 234 years old Sunday, July 4, 2010. Assuming
good weather, the Brandywine Creek will likely be filled with canoeists and
kayakers, and swimming pools and country clubs will be packed. Barbecues and
fireworks will fill bellies and the night sky.

But behind all the partying, July 4 is the most
significantly profound day in both U.S. and world history. It is the day when a
few dozen American colonists told Great Britain they intended to be a free and
independent people. It was the day they gave their reason to the world in the
words of the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration set forth so eloquently the concept of
unalienable rights, that rights exist before government, that those rights
belong to the people, that they do not come from government.

It sets forth the principle of life, liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness belonging to people and that a government only gets its
just powers from the consent of the governed. The Declaration establishes the
need for limiting government.

We need not elaborate or belabor now on all the implications
of that document, but suffice to say, it established an ideal for all mankind.

It’s up to each individual to consider the words Thomas
Jefferson wrote, to weigh their meaning and compare today’s political reality
with the visions held by our funding fathers.

The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776, is the
first of a series of documents —along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights—
the were the envy of the world, that spurred most of our ancestors to leave the
lands of their birth and come to these shores.

Read the Declaration again. Perhaps it will be just words
for some, but it may also bring a tear to the eye of others.

Happy Independence Day. Enjoy the food and the fireworks,
but remember why we have that day. We at ChaddsFordLive.com wish you peace and

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  1. KSKing says:

    Rich, you have a way with words that I so appreciate. And Jefferson did, too, to our great benefit! Thank you for the inspiration and may we celebrate with focused purpose.

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