Giving thanks


This is one of those first person singular editorials–a column, really–because I can only use my own experiences here, experiences that most of my
readers already know.

Last November there was a breakup of a romantic relationship,
then in January I was laid off from my job as editor of the Chadds Ford Post.
Not an easy few months time.

The day I was laid off I went numb. That was a Thursday
afternoon and the numbness lasted until Sunday when I realized I was
white-knuckling; my fists were clenched tightly. I was angry, even angry with
people who were innocent of any wrong doing toward me. I knew this was not good
and told myself to get beyond the anger.

The following day I succeeded. Instead of anger I found
myself in abject fear. Out of work at my age, in a rotten economy and being
involved in an industry that was–and still is–going through serious changes was
not a good thing at all.

But something happened during that next week, something that
had never happened to me before. I began to feel blessed.

While I was still contending with the anger and the fear,
many of my former readers would phone or e-mail me to express their condolences
over me losing my job and the loss of the Post. Granted, I had phoned or
e-mailed about 30 people to let them know what had happened, but now I was
getting calls from people I hadn’t contacted. Each of them expressed their
regrets and their condolences.

It was an awakening and a learning experience for me. It
would have been easy for me to give into the fear and anger. But, there was
another first for me. I kept focusing on that feeling of being blessed. I guess
I had learned enough about life to realize that only by focusing on the
positive emotion could I get through the negatives and be open to whatever good
was to come. It worked.

With the help of a former reader who is now my publisher, has become a reality. And while the economy is still poor,
ChaddsFordLive is growing. We now have more than 300 registered readers, with more than 10,000 visits, and our
advertiser list is also growing.

So, what am I thankful for this year? I’m thankful for all
those who showed their concern for me personally and for those who want to know
what’s going on in their community and know that ChaddsFordLive is dedicated to
keeping you informed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. minarchs says:

    Very nice “column”, Richard, and so true … hope all is well!

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