Taxes increase in Birmingham

Birmingham Township supervisors are advertising a 2010
budget that calls for a millage increase in township property taxes and a new
Local Services tax.

The LST is levied on individuals working within the township
and who earn at least $12,000 from that employment. It’s assessed at  $1 per week for a maximum $52 per year
per person affected.

“We’re looking for ways to stop drawing down a cushion,”
said Supervisors’ Chairman John Conklin.

That cushion is the carry forward, the amount of money the
township has left over from a previous year’s budget. Conklin previously said
that the township had been using carry forward funds to offset a drop in
revenue during the economic downturn.

Supervisors approved adopting the tax following a brief
hearing Nov. 16. No township residents spoke out for or against the levy.

They have estimated that the tax would bring in about
$30,000 per year and $22,500 the first year. The first year is less because
they don’t collect during the first quarter of that first year.

The property tax increase raises the township tax from, 1.5
to 1.6 mills. A mill is a tax of 
$1 for every $1,000 of assessed property value.

Supervisor Bill Kirkpatrick proposed the increase, saying it
will cost the average household roughly 
$.63 per week and make up for a continually shrinking carry forward.

The Board of Supervisors will vote on the budget during the
Dec. 21 meeting.

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