The summer slows

One of the nice things about moving a newspaper style format to the Internet format to the Internet is that there are a number of advantages.

 One is that I’m not stuck in an old paradigm. Those of us here are free to make our own structure, establish something new.

An example of that is the ability to, at times, write an editorial in the first person singular. It’s “I” and “me,” not the editorial “we.”

Columns are written in the first person because the views expressed are those of the individual writer as that writer. “We” editorials speak for the publication. So a ”me” editorial expresses the writer’s view, but the writer as the editor.

So this is me–the editor– talking to you–the reader. And as I do so, I see the faces of those of you I know. That’s part of the on-line community I spoke about in the first editorial.

Another part of the new paradigm is that I can use this space to say that it was a rotten news week. And rotten news weeks are always a risk when the summer slows arrive.

Those summer slows are painful. You deserve more coverage than I was able to muster this week and I’d much rather be working on seven stories per week than be busy trying to find stories.

Yeah, news was slow this week. Just two stories and both were shorties. And one of them was even from Kennett Square. And I apologize that I couldn’t find more news this week.

You can help. One, pick up a phone and call 484-354-6853 not just if you see something newsworthy, but also to let me know about any achievements by people in the community, achievements that they’d like to let others know about.

But the summer slows give me the opportunity to share some other ideas regarding the continued evolution of ChaddsFordLive. Several weeks a go we finally got the police log going and last week we premiered the first Naked Winemaker column written by Eric Miller from the Chaddsford Winery. Over the next few months we expect to add one or two more local columnists. I even have some people in mind–they just don’t know who they are yet.

I’d also like to get some social forums going here. One simple idea is a recipe swap, or maybe something on photography or politics, but any forum readers are interested in can get a shot. What would you like to see? Please, let me know.

I’m pleased with the growth of the site so far. ChaddsFordLive has been up for three months now; readership is growing almost on a daily basis and more businesses are showing interest in advertising. These are all good signs and the goal is to continue to grow by providing news and a forum for a variety of topics.

While news has been slow lately, the summer slows won’t last. School resumes the end of next month and township government activity will pick up, too. And the status of the Brandywine Battlefield Park has not been decided. ChaddsFordLive will be around to let you know what will be happening.

Have a safe remainder of the summer.

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One Response to “The summer slows”

  1. brandywinebard says:

    Richard my friend:

    When I was writing for the Daily Local News, the Superintendent of the Great Valley School District called me on the phone because my front page story anonymously quoted one of his teachers (who I would not name)who confirmed that all the teachers knew there were kids in his district who did not live there and it was unknown to the administration. He yelled at me and told me it was b.s. (he did not say b.s.) I asked my then editor, our mutual friend Bruce Mowday, if I should apologize. He said “Never apologize-it was a good story.”

    I have never forgotten that.

    Don’t apologize Richard – it’s a great issue ! And oh by the way, I’ll stick with my blogging. It’s a lot safer 😉

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